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Now--up to 80% off! Take advantage of rich incentives that won't last for long

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"InvestSolar is a company that sets the standard for customer relations, quality of workmanship, and understanding of the financial aspects of investing in solar"

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Welcome to InvestSolar! 

Trusted Solar Installation Contractor and Consultant.

Call us:  206-420-9596

Did you know?

  • Solar works great, even in rainy western Washington State.  

  • A well-designed solar power system is the perfect green investment. 

    • Solar will save you thousands on electricity.

    • Solar will add thousands to your home or commercial building’s appraised value.

    • Most of the cost is paid for by incentives.

  • You can invest in a better environment–and get paid to do it!

You probably already know that an investment in solar power is an investment in a greener future. To encourage business- and homeowners to make the switch to solar, our state and federal governments are paying a lot of the cost.

Are you aware of the various incentive programs that are available to you as a solar buyer?  We’ll make sure you get every dollar of incentives that are available to you.

InvestSolar installs solar power systems for residences and businesses in the Puget Sound area of Washington, and beyond.  Meticulous quality goes into every phase of a project.    

We are experienced with battery and storage systems as well as off grid solar.   We can help you decide if this exciting new technology will serve your needs, or not.           

Why InvestSolar? 

  • We’re an experienced, local company:  friendly, respectful, and integrous
    • We make solar simple!
  • Value and Quality:
    • Only the best equipment and materials
    • Attention to detail
    • Solar industry “best practices”
    • A long and trouble free service life is ensured.
  • Ethical business practices:
    • We research what we say.
    • No Guesswork!  We use advanced financial modeling tools.
    • All proposed systems are vetted for financial value.
    • We’ll tell you upfront if solar won’t perform well for you.
  • Modest Pricing:
    • At InvestSolar, we strive to provide excellent value.  Our cost plus pricing passes wholesale solar component discounts along to our customers.
    • NO expensive mark up on solar equipment!
  • Financing:
    • We’ll help you get financing for your solar project at an attractive rate.

We invite you to use the original content on our website as a learning tool. If you want to delve deeper, we’ll give you a free consultation that will help to answer questions such as:

  • How much does a solar power system cost?
  • Will solar work on my property?
  • Is battery storage worth having in our area?
  • How soon will solar pay for itself?
  • How much will I get from the incentive payments?

Let us show you how an InvestSolar power system will more than pay for itself with tax money, incentives, and utility savings, and how it will produce income and energy independence for decades to come.

We’d love to hear from you!  Have a question? Want to talk about solar?

Call or text us at 206 420 9596 or email us at:


Did you know?…

  • Tax credits, power savings, and incentives can pay you more than 100% of the cost of a solar power system.
  • Every day, home and business owners are being paid by federal and state governments to install solar and increase the amount of renewable energy in the United States.
  • Solar is one of the best tax protection strategies available for home and business owners.


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