About Invest Solar

About InvestSolar

InvestSolar is a full service provider of solar electric power systems for businesses and homes in Washington State.

Today, renewable energy tax credits and state incentives can pay for much more than 100% of a solar electric power system project—a very profitable investment opportunity for a qualified buyer with a well-designed power system.

To help our customers achieve the highest investment return, we design the system using our own unique financial analysis tool. It quickly shows all of the numerous cash flows which affect the financial outcome of a solar investment project. A variety of graphics and reports summarize the investment return for a potential buyer.

Over 25 years of business experience has shown the importance of accurately demonstrating the financial case when offering a product or service to the business community. Business owners can’t afford to rely on their good feelings about green energy to make an informed decision involving many thousands of dollars, and InvestSolar can provide the numbers.

Our team of solar professionals is skilled in the design, permitting, and installation of quality solar power systems. We are a licensed solar contractor, and we use the best components available to assure maximum investment return through a long and trouble free operation life.

Jerry Berger, President of InvestSolar, is a seasoned business professional and is guided by a deep passion to work towards more sustainable energy practices in Washington State.

By the age of 11 Jerry was captivated by the magic of converting sunlight to energy through articles in “Popular Science” and by creating a “solar house of the future” for a 6th grade project.

While pursuing a serious study of renewable energy technology, energy and building policy, including LEED certification, Jerry came to the realization that there is relatively little business participation in green energy projects in Washington even though rich incentives are still available.

He organized InvestSolar with a goal of promoting the spread of solar among the business community of Washington State through the use of improved financial tools.





About Invest Solar

Jerry Berger, President, InvestSolar LLC