Build Wealth with Solar

Looking for a safe and profitable investment?


The investment benefits of installing a solar PV system can match or outperform many risky Wall Street investments.

Today, millions of smaller investors are unsure where to park their money.  For them, Wall Street is lacking in quality investment options.

Since the market crashed several years ago the enthusiasm for market investments such as stocks and bonds has soured to new lows.  For many folks, CDs, or Certificates of Deposit represent a safe haven.  But as the effects of inflation continue, the very low rates of return for CDs or regular bank savings accounts result in a steady loss of value to these accounts.  What a shame to have to lose money to keep it safe!

Solar photovoltaic technology has fallen in price to a level where it no longer makes financial sense to wait.  While generous state and federal rebates and incentives are still available,  a move toward a solar PV system can provide an unusually attractive investment opportunity.

  • Pioneers committed to furthering sustainable technology, such as Amory Lovins at the Rocky Mountain Institute in Boulder, Colorado, have made the case that truly sustainable technology is at the same time economically viable, practical, and profitable.
  • As with any other energy source that has been developed in the U.S., subsidies have been necessary to overcome the initial technical development phase.
  • Solar is unique in the history of energy development because ordinary home owners and businesses are directly included in the subsidies.
  • Our government leaders want us to “go green” and to enjoy a lot of green money for doing so; it is that simple and it is the American way. In their wisdom they enacted legislation that allows the smaller investor to benefit from renewable energy sources just like the large subsidies given to oil and coal developers.
  • Inflation is coming.  To avoid taxing us, our government has run up enormous deficits to finance bank bailouts, government social programs, endless war and military expansion.
  • Increasing the amount of dollars in circulation means our money will buy less and less.  Imagine paying twice as much for food and gasoline.  At the same time, our incomes will increase very little.
  • How will you protect the value and buying power of your hard-won savings?
  • You will need to diversify and have investments that go up in value as inflation increases.
  • Even without inflation solar is a solid investment
  • As inflation increases, so does the cost of energy.  Any electricity produced from a solar photovoltaic system  is free from inflation.

What can compare with an investment that is part of your own property, and is secured by a tax free income stream of energy from the sun?  It’s like owning your own oil well.  

solar power is like an oil well

  • Positive cash flow from the first year
  • Your money is outside the very real risks of the banking and brokerage system.
  • Returns from solar are tax free–including utility savings, state cash incentives, and federal tax savings.
  • Cash flows are as secure as governments, utilities, and the continued shining of the sun.
  • An investment in solar can give great return on your money, as well as return of your money, paid back to you in just a few years.


Comparing solar to other investments.
  • Financing options allow the use of “OPM” (other people’s money) to tie up the project with only a small percentage of the total cost, but to reap the savings and investment profit from the entire system over time.
  • For many financial planners the hoped-for return for their clients from stocks and bonds in a long term investment strategy may be on the order of 5% to 8% per year.
  • Currently CDs at 2% or less are returning next to nothing to investors in return for “safety”.
  • Considering the “dis-investment” of inflation the return on conventional “low risk” investments may be less than zero.  The market performance of the past few years has proven the flaws in conventional investment strategies.
  • Additionally, a client’s entire investment capital must remain in the hands of the brokerage for the entire life of the investment, subject to increasing risk.
  • With solar, your investment capital is returned to you in its entirety after only a few years in the investment run.  From that point on you will enjoy a steady stream of electricity and its cash equivalent from your own power plant.
  • How often do investors recapture all of their initial investment money, and at the same time keep their stocks and bonds in play in the market?  Who wouldn’t want a deal like that!

As profitable, low risk investments become harder to find, Solar shines.  Once, solar was the realm of “early adopters” willing to make a commitment to a more ecologically sound energy alternative, regardless as to the financial outcome. Now, no matter what our commitment to the greening of our planet, solar is a financially sound investment and business opportunity.