Financing Solar Projects

Does financing solar only make sense when you can’t afford it?


How does financing a solar project in Washington State affect its financial performance?

Knowing the ins and outs of borrowing is important when considering the economic value of a solar power system.

When it comes to buying a solar power system, there are two good, basic reasons people may want to borrow:

1. A property owner may not have the cash available.


2. Financing solar projects can make sense when there is anticipated financial gain and additional cash flow to cover loan payments.

Question: Would someone with plenty of cash want to take out a loan for their new solar power system?

Answer:   Quite possibly, because:

1. Borrowing money leaves capital available for other purposes. A buyer may have another investment in mind that has a greater return than the interest rate she might pay for a solar loan. Keeping most of the cash available for future projects will preserve the opportunity value of her money.

2. A borrower can expect a higher return on each dollar invested in exchange for making a monthly loan payment.

Here’s how this can work:

• Borrowing money for a project with a good return creates a leveraged investment, where a small up- front cash investment (the down payment) produces a much higher rate of return per dollar than paying for the whole project cost up front.

• Buying a home with a modest down payment is a classic example of a leveraged investment.leveraged

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