Utility Savings from Solar

Get Substantial Electricity savings with Solar


Why keep paying more and more for electricity?

One of the great reasons to purchase a solar photovoltaic power system is to contain your cost of electricity, which will increase significantly in the years ahead.

If you are unsure whether such an increase will occur, please look at what the cost of energy was in past decades. According to US Government statistics, the price of energy in Washington State has increased at the rate of 3-4% per year since 1990. www.eia.gov/electricity/reports.cfm  Our financial modeling is currently performed using a 4% yearly inflation rate.

  • Once an electric power system has paid its cost back to the owner, it continues to produce free electricity for years and decades to come.
  • The avoided cost of future electric purchases effectively puts a nice income stream into the pockets of the system’s owner.

In the example below we are looking at the future projection of electricity costs from a 15kW solar system installed in  eastern Washington.  The system is expected to produce 18,400 kilowatt hours (kWh) the first year, which at $.09 per kWh would be valued at $1656.

The graph with the yellow bars represents how the value of avoided electricity increases with each year.

The column on the right side shows the total accumulated value of saved electricity year by year.  Follow the column of numbers down a few years and it is easy to see how steeply the utility savings from solar increase over time:

(Click on chart to see a larger image)

Utility Savings