Blog: New! Lower than ever Solar Prices!

New! Lower than ever Solar Prices!

JUST IN!!  NEW LOWS on SOLAR PRICING! I just returned from the large INTERSOLAR convention in San Francisco. It was great fun to see the new changes in solar technology of all sorts, and to renew friendships with many others  in this dynamic industry.  In spite of the concern of much higher pricing on solar panels due to our president’s tariff on solar […]

How much should solar cost?

The first thing on most folks’ minds about solar (or a new suit, home, car, loaf of bread) is the price. The cost of a solar installation is defined in dollars per DC-rated watts produced by the panels.  An average home of 3 bedrooms, 2 baths might be able to hold a solar system that contains 20 panels with a total […]

Cost Segregation: Found Money for Commercial Buildings

Cost Segregation is the IRS-approved method of allowing commercial property owners to accelerate the depreciation expense of their buildings which lowers tax liability. InvestSolar can schedule a no cost, preliminary cost segregation analysis to determine how much unclaimed cash flow is waiting for you.  We can help building owners recover many thousands of dollars in overlooked tax benefits resulting from: Accelerated depreciation […]

What’s the Cost of Doing Nothing

We’re often asked: How much will solar panels cost us?  How about looking at this question inside out:  What is the cost of doing nothing? or, How much won’t we gain if we take a pass on solar?  This is also known as “Opportunity Cost”. Let’s look at a typical medium sized Seattle home with a 20 solar panel system costing $20,000.  […]

Is Juice Sharing Next?

The other day I came across an amazing video.  It got me thinking about disruptive stuff like ride sharing, bed sharing (couch surfing, airbnb, etc.), car sharing (ZipCar), and bike sharing.  These new business models may be transforming our traditional concept of ownership and possibly the very nature of capitalism itself.  Is electric vehicle power sharing next? Check out what Robin […]