Cost Segregation and Solar

Cost Segregation: found money in your commercial building

found money


Cost Segregation is the IRS-approved method of allowing commercial property owners to accelerate the depreciation expense of their buildings which lowers tax liability.

InvestSolar can schedule a no cost, preliminary cost segregation analysis to determine how much unclaimed cash flow is waiting for you. 

We can help building owners recover many thousands of dollars in overlooked tax benefits resulting from:

  • Accelerated depreciation of building components
  • Asset valuation studies on renovation

Actual Client Experience:

Veterinary Clinic,  $2.9 million building renovation and expansion done in 2017

  • $219,071 resulting tax benefit from their cost segregation study
  • $31,969 resulting tax benefit from their asset valuation study
  • $251,040 TOTAL FIRST YEAR TAX BENEFIT to be used however the client likes.

This additional cash flow can be used to pay for a new commercial solar energy system, lighting or HVAC upgrades or other energy retrofits that will lower your building operation costs over time.

Energy saving measures such as solar come with even more tax benefits, and will compound your “found” cash flow for years to come.

Call us today to get started–you have nothing to lose, and $ thousands to gain!


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