The other day I came across an amazing video.  It got me thinking about disruptive stuff like ride sharing, bed sharing (couch surfing, airbnb, etc.), car sharing (ZipCar), and bike sharing.  These new business models may be transforming our traditional concept of ownership and possibly the very nature of capitalism itself.  Is electric vehicle power sharing next?

Check out what Robin Chase, founder of ZipCar, is saying:

It’s easy to see how solar and wind generated electric power is rapidly gaining traction and displacing fossil fuel-sourced power.  As a follow-on, EV’s, or electric vehicles, are rapidly becoming a disruptive influence in the global auto industry.  But more disruption for the utilities may be just over the horizon. 

EV Batteries as mega-storage

There is an amazing amount of electric energy packed into the battery pack of each EV.  Soon thousands of EVs will be sitting idle for most of a 24hr. period.  This enormous untapped power resource can be fed back into the power grid as needed.  This will help to offset temporary power demands that utilities face many times during the course of a day, and will reduce the need for new generating plants.

This is a win-win-win for EV owners (who will be paid by the “smart” grid for the power they contribute), utilities, and ratepayers. 

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