InterSolar Show


I just returned from the large INTERSOLAR convention in San Francisco.

It was great fun to see the new changes in solar technology of all sorts, and to renew friendships with many others  in this dynamic industry.

 In spite of the concern of much higher pricing on solar panels due to our president’s tariff on solar panels, in talking with many suppliers and other solar experts, I find that the opposite is true!  The price of solar panels and solar inverters has dropped, and have NEVER BEEN LOWER! 

That’s great news for solar buyers in Washington State, because our state incentive program coupled with lower solar prices now makes a solar installation more affordable than ever!

Contact us today and see how solar can go to work for you. 

But don’t delay; the Washington incentive program is too good to last.  It is likely to reach its funding limit by the end of 2018.  When that happens the program will be closed to new subscribers.  Right now, our state incentive program will pay up to 50% of the cost of a solar power system.


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