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Solar for Nonprofits                                               

Investing in Stewardship of our Earth

More and more congregations and people of faith are expressing their commitment to climate and energy issues, and are standing up for sustainability and protection of our environment.

Solar energy is a significant technology which is growing rapidly and beginning to displace coal and other fossil energy sources.

Washington State has the cleanest power portfolio in the nation, with more than 85% hydro power.  However…the remaining 15% comes from Montana coal power, and from the TransAlta plant in Centralia, which is being phased out of use.

Will the coal  based power be replaced with natural gas plants, or will renewable energy grow fast enough to bridge the gap for a more carbon-free future?   Solar is growing exponentially in Washington and has a place in the battle line for clean power in our state.   We can make a clear and significant choice to invest in a cleaner future for coming generations.

Adding clean solar power to your building can be a powerful testimony of commitment to the congregation and community at large.

We at InvestSolar are daring to dream of a more sustainable society and are building a business that helps makes solar energy a reality.  We are ready to work closely with your staff to help realize your dream of a better world.

Solar Financial Benefits for Non-Profits

Although federal tax incentives are not applicable,  all the Washington State solar incentives (a whopping amount!) still apply to your non-profit organization:

  • Production Based Incentive:  This generous Washington State incentive program will pay up to 50% of the cost of a solar power system.
  • Utility Savings:  Through Net Metering, as it is called, your utility will charge you only for the net difference in the power you consume less the power your solar power system produces.  A surplus of power produced in a given month can be carried forward to offset more power consumption in the months ahead.
  • Energy Independence:  No more utility rate increases for the power your system produces. In the northwest, utility rates are likely to rise by 3-10% per year.  This price inflation will increase the value of your system every year.

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 Solar Incentives for Non-Profits