Off Grid Solar

Jerry Berger at Invest Solar installed a completely off-grid solar system on our remote Jefferson County recreational property where installing PUD power would have been prohibitively expensive. Our system has a 3840 kW capacity with 10.56 kWh battery backup, with the array mounted on a pole. Jerry and crew installed the system on time and as proposed. Everything is neat, tidy and very professional. Jerry has kept in touch since finishing installation to make sure everything has been running smoothly. Solid, professional work where no one else was willing to go,  from one of the nicest guys on the planet.” 

L.E., property owner

Off Grid Solar: 

No matter if you need a remote power system far from the nearest power grid connection, or would simply like security and reliability if your grid power goes out, we can design and install the optimal system for you.

A stand-alone power system featuring solar panels can work invisibly, behind the scenes to provide your main power source or to supply backup power if the utility power shuts down.  A battery array makes sure that there is plenty of stored power when you need it.

Energy Independence

Do you own a piece of land with no power available for a home?  A cabin?  Camping trailer?  Often the price of bringing in power from the nearest utility transformer can be in the tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

An off grid renewable energy system can provide affordable and reliable electricity.  Imagine the feeling of being completely independent of utility power, its costs and the potential power outages that may occur!


Perhaps you are already using grid power and simply wish to have reliable power available should a natural or man-made event result in short or long term power outage.  We’ll be glad to design and build a system that stands ready to supply your power requirements, should the need arise.

Peace of Mind

Nothing beats the feeling of having your own power plant.  An independent solar power system can allow communication devices and critical loads, such as refrigerators, freezers, lights, and TV to operate without interruption, no matter the conditions.

30% Tax Credit Applies to Off Grid Solar

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