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Choosing the right solar power system for your home, as well as a  trusted solar contractor,  can be a real challenge.  Just like your home, solar is a proven and reliable investment, and you can count on the InvestSolar professionals to give you straight talk and the highest quality workmanship.

  • We’ll take care of all the paperwork and filing requirements, from the electrical permit and utility agreements,  through getting your system certified for the Washington State incentive program.

A solar energy system doesn’t just save you money–it makes money for you!

  • A solar energy system will pay for itself in just a few years.
  • Most solar modules (panels) have a power production warranty of about 25 years.
  • The life expectancy of a solar power system can be in excess of 40 years.
  • A solar power system adds appraisal value to your home.  The higher utility rates go, the more your solar system is worth.

Solar makes great sense today, and as electricity becomes more expensive, your residential solar power system will make even more sense with each passing year.

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Take advantage of theses rich incentives:

  • The federal government offers to pay for 30% of your solar power system the first year with a 30% tax credit.   If you elect to finance your purchase, you can deduct interest and other expenses for a mortgage-backed loan.
  • Washington State offers you great inducements such as net metering and one of the most generous solar power production incentives in the country.

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Add value to your home with a solar power plant

When you sell your home, your solar power system will add substantial value, based on the amount of electricity it can produce. Appraisers figure a solar system will add about  3% to a home’s selling price. 

A solar power system can function well for 40 years or more.   As electric power costs escalate, the value of your solar system will increase as well.


                         Would a tax-free, producing oil well in your yard increase your property value?

Financing is Available

Low interest financing is available for your solar project, and we can help you get the financing you need.                                More on Financing


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The incentives that are now available make solar a winning investment, but they won’t last much longer. Solar prices have never been lower, and there never has been a more ideal time to go solar.  Don’t  wait and miss the Train!

The earlier you act, the more benefit you will gain.


 What are the basic requirements for a home solar power system?

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