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Could your company use more tax-free cash flow?


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Switch from an energy consumer to an energy producer.

InvestSolar, a trusted commercial solar contractor and consultant, supplies solar electric power systems for small to medium sized businesses.  

It’s a complex job to determine the size and type of solar power system that produces the most financial return for your business. 

We can create the ideal solution to maximize  your investment.  

Turn the roof of your building into cash flow.

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By going solar your business can reduce or eliminate its electric bills, create cash flow,  and make a lasting, positive  impression in your community.

 Did you know?…

  • Federal and state governments  want to increase the amount of renewable energy in the United States, and they’ll pay you a lot of money to do the job.
  • Tax credits, incentives , and power savings can pay more than 100% of a solar power system’s cost.
  • A solar investment parallels an investment in a commercial building–increasing returns every year, and giving you substantial tax benefits.
  • Instead of paying taxes you can use tax payment money and other government incentives to buy your own solar power plant that will provide free energy for decades to come.
    • 30% Federal Tax Credit
    • 100% first year depreciation (New for 2018!)
    • Deductible loan interest expense
    • Self-Employment/FICA savings in many cases (sch. C reporters, LLC’s and Sole Props.)

In addition, businesses receive:

And the list goes on:

Tax Free Cash Flow

You can enjoy:

  • Free electricity over the investment lifetime
  • 10% to 40% or more ROI per year over time

Energy Independence

You’ll enjoy no more utility rate increases for the power your system produces. In the northwest, utility rates are likely to rise by at least 5% per year, and will increase your cash flow accordingly.  As electric rates increase so will the value of your power system.

Clean and Reliable Energy

A solar electric power system converts sunlight directly into electricity, delivering clean renewable power without any emissions or noise pollution. Solar is a mature technology with an operational lifetime of more than 40 years. The system has no moving parts and will operate unattended requiring minimal periodic maintenance.

Be a more sustainable business–demonstrate environmental leadership

Align your business with the environmental values of your community and your company’s clientele.  Demonstrate your willingness to stand up for a more sustainable society.

Rich Incentives are available today.


The incentives that are now available make solar a winning investment, but they won’t last much longer. Solar prices have never been lower, and there never has been a more ideal time to go solar. 

Don’t  wait and miss the Train!

The earlier you act, the more benefit you will gain.




Did you know?

We can help building owners recover many thousands of dollars in overlooked and unclaimed tax benefits.

found money in commercial buildingThis “Found Money” could completely pay for a solar installation!

Learn about hidden money in your building



What is a turn-key investment?

  • To ensure the best financial performance, we use our unique financial modelling software to optimize a solar power system for your unique business and tax profile.
  • Skilled solar professionals perform a detailed site analysis and system design.
  • We’ll see to all the necessary engineering, architectural, and permitting requirements.
  • We’ll  install a high quality power system for you, with attention paid to the smallest details.
  • To make sure you get all the benefits you qualify for, we’ll complete and file all the required state, local, and utility paperwork.
  • InvestSolar will monitor and maintain your system to make sure it continues to operate at peak performance.


What are the basic requirements for commercial solar?

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